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The performance space at The Fixin' To is the only dedicated live music venue in Portland's St. Johns neighborhood. At 1,500 sguare feet, the room has a capacity of just over 100 people, easy access to our large smoking patio, and a self-contained bar.  

Stage Dimensions

16' x 16' x 2' (H) 

Main System

2 x JBL 15" SRX 800 Series 2000 watt powered mains

1 x JBL 18" SRX 800 Series powered dual Sub-woofer

3 x JBL Eon 600 12" powered two-way monitor

1 x JBL Eon 600 15" powered two-way monitor

Mixing Console

Midas M-32 Mic Pre-amps

2 x 16 channel sub snake

Other Gear

3 x Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone

3 x Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone

3 x Audix i5 Microphones

1 x Audix D6 Instrument Microphone

2 x Shure PGA56 Microphone

1 x Audio Technica Pro37 SDC Microphone

2 x Radial PRODI Passive DI with radial transformer

2 x Radial SB2 Passive DI

1 x Onstage Passive DI

2 x Onstage tripod mic stand with boom

2 x K&M tripod/boom combo with boom arm

2 x Onstage kick drum/amp mic stand

4 x 50 ft Road Hog Mic Cable

12 x 25 ft Road Hog Mic Cable


8 x DotzPar 30w LED Stage Lights

1 x 3 Channel RGB LED Controller with 3 pin DMX


  • All performers and guests must be 21+.

  • There is convenient street-side load-in on the Richmond-facing side of the building.

  • A sound person will be provided.

  • Each band member receives 2 drink tickets. 

  • We ask that bands not store gear on bar furniture.

  • Please be professional.

  • Have a fucking blast.

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